Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Status update: Wind and Wire returning soon

My sincere thanks to those intrepid souls who responded to my last post (of almost 2 years ago) about this site possibly relaunching. I recently posed this question and its viability on a Facebook group (New Age and Ambient Music Business Forum) and received near unanimous support there as well (with the caveat that this wasn't me biting off more than I can chew). As to that latter point, I won't know if that is the case until I try. However, I do believe it's almost time to kick things into gear, as I can feel my reviewing zeal waning over the last year or so and I desperately need to come up with some way to kick-start it. I intend to continue reviewing for both Zone Music Reporter and Retailing Insight. For now, a lot of what is reviewed here will either be older releases that I never got to for ZMR or albums that came to me without being flagged for a review venue or were submitted to Wind and Wire. In the event a recent  album arrives at my door step with "Zone Music Reporter" as the addressee, I will contact the artist asking for permission to switch the review to here, if I am inclined to do so (with the possibility that the review here will be cross-posted there as well). This all sounds more complicated than it is bound to be (I hope). Once word travels through cyberspace that Wind and Wire is once again a viable source for reviews, I hope this shuffling the deck will not be necessary. This re-launch of Wind and Wire is a work in progress and you can expect some bumps along the way.

Until the first new review goes up, please let me know what you think about the "semi-new look" here (I have tweaked things a bit, added a site search engine, and a few other new wrinkles)

I want to give a tip o' the hat to my esteemed colleague, John Shanahan, who runs one helluva fine review blog himself as Hypnagogue (as well as a brilliant pod cast of great music) and has always been most kind to me with his comments and words of encouragement.

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