Saturday, February 9, 2008

Writer's block!

I realize that there has been a real delay in my getting more reviews posted. I'm struggling with the worst case of writer's block I've ever had since I started writing reviews in 1997. Hopefully, I will "crack through" this wall soon. I have many excellent recordings to tell you all about. I've also submitted my "Best of 2007" lists to New Age Reporter and they should be posting that soon at their site. If I don't get through this bout of writus blockus soon, I will at least put some brief comments up here about the 20 or so albums that I am ready to write about.

Also, it appears that the Wind and Wire site may be down. If it doesn't come back by Sunday (Feb. 10th) sometime, I'll shoot an email to the nice person who hosts it on his server and ask him if there's a problem. In the meantime, I have revised the links page there and once I can upload it, it'll be more current (I deleted a lot of dead links). I'll also be re-tooling it by adding some as well.

Thanks for your patience as I plow my way through this creative obstruction. It's new for me, i.e. being at a loss for words (LOL). We have a terrible few days ahead here in Minneapolis (lows in the teens below zero Fahrenheit) so maybe I can stay warm in front ofthe PC typing away. Wish me luck!