Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wind and Wire to be resurrected?

I have no idea if anyone is reading this blog any more, but if you are, here's an important update. I am seriously contemplating re-launching Wind and Wire, in its original format, i.e. all sorts of reviews, not just ambient and electronica. Yeah, that means "new age" so if that makes you upset, well, bite me. I like reviewing new age too.

This blog would no longer serve as a "mirror" of the review site, but as a "signpost" allowing folks who want to subscribe for updates to find out when reviews upload, which I anticipate will be monthly. This blog would also feature all kinds of fun rants, op-ed pieces, and other commentary by you know who, which makes it more like a blog. Some of the entries will be about the music I review, e.g. what's with all the sucky cover art?, and other posts might be film reviews, political or social culture musings, or who knows what the hell I might be inclined to throw up on the WWW.

Why, against all sanity and logic am I doing such a foolhardy thing? Because, I need to write a lot of reviews for all the older releases I haven't gotten around to, and I think if I resurrect W and W, and tell myself, once and for all, that I have permission to write SHORTER and more concise reviews, and more importantly, CRITICAL reviews, I can handle this. I will not be leaving my review posts at either Zone Music Reporter or New Age Retailer but merely supplementing those venues with shorter, and more critically-angled reviews.

For too many years, I was afraid of pissing folks off. It's time I realized that it's just my opinion and if the artist or you fans can't handle my saying "What the fuck is up with this release?" well, tough for you. I have been at this for 13 years. If I don't have the street cred to be negative about an album by now, what does a poor Joe like me HAVE to do, fer Crissakes?

And, hell, if nothing else, just consider that I am doing it for the lulz!

Wish me luck - whenever the hell I launch the sumbitch!