Friday, February 20, 2015

Wind and Wire issue 7 is online and available to view

Click here to view and read issue 7 of Wind and Wire, originally published in July/August of 1998.

This was our "first anniversary" issue and has the most in-depth interviews we had published up to that, all of which were with major artists. First up is a lengthy talk by yours truly with premier spacemusic artist Jonn Serrie. Judy Markworth has an insightful chat with electronic music pioneer Larry Fast, aka Synergy. Finally, I have a heart-to-heart with two artists who were (and still are) among my very favorites, Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel. They proved quite the opposite duo, Eric being mostly serious and Nancy being the amiable cut-up, although both were charming and engaging.

Judy also stepped up and wrote a smashing editorial titled "What's Wrong With Commercial Success?" due mostly to how Yanni was getting bashed at the time because he had hit it big. Funny how now that this whole concern seems almost quaint. At the time, it was the source of endless Internet discussion groups rants and arguments (ah, the good old days of

I wrote a lengthy reflective piece on the magazine turning one year old and Kathy Parsons did a short review of a Robin Spielberg live concert. Finally, the magazine featured 46 reviews, covering a very broad range of genres to say the least. All in all, a fitting way to celebrate one year of publication.

Nest issue featured an all new look to the review section and also contained what would prove to be the single most controversial article to run in the history of the magazine, to the point that one reviewer quit when it ran, expressing his disgust with my decision to run it. I ended up having to apologize in the issue after that. More on that when it is uploaded (soon).

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