Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Issue 5 of Wind and Wire, the magazine, is now online

Click here to view issue 5, which was published in January/February of 1998.

In this issue, the staff pick their personal choices for best recordings of 1997. In addition, the second part of Stu Daniels' interview with Steve Roach runs here, as well as Kathy Parson's great interview with Suzanne Ciani, and Neil Leacy's chat with David Hughes.

The smear down the middle of page 9 is not due to the scan. That was done by the printers and they apologized to me profusely about it when I picked up the issue from them.

Read the editorial which listed my "competitors" at the time, i.e. other fanzines covering these genres of music. Asterism departed long ago, but Peter Thelen's excellent Exposé magazine is still going strong, but I believe most of what they publish is web-based, since the last hard copy issue appears to have been published in April 2013. Anyway, seriously, check it out because Peter always had (and I imagine still has) some of the best reviewers around and while their emphasis was prog rock, they covered a lot of EM and ambient too (or at least they did they were publishing the magazine). I devoured every issue when it arrived on my doorstep (and their issues were monstrous, sometimes 80 or so pages or so, if I remember right).

Click here to visit the Exposé website.

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