Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wind and Wire Issue 6 now avialble for viewing online

Click here to read issue 6 of Wind and Wire, which was published in March/April of 1998.

If you have read the other issues, you may see a slight improvement in image quality on this PDF than previous ones, as I tweaked the controls on the scanner a bit. Hopefully, this will look a little better.

Of note in this issue is the results of our reader survey (I got a much better than normal response, especially since this was a MAIL survey which had to be mailed to me at the sender's expense). Something like 40 percent of our readers responded (the national average for a survey like this is between 5 and 10 percent, or it was the time this survey was taken).

Only two interviews in this issue. One is with the late Laurie Z, who passed more than a few years ago, I believe. The other is with guitarist/keyboardist Chris Spheeris.

I added another reviewer to the fold in this issue, Lynda Williams, who prided herself on being the #1 Billy McLaughlin fan in the country. He was an acoustic guitarist who lived/lives here in the Twin Cities and recorded a number of albums on the Narada label.

Inexplicably, the reviews are listed in any logical order in the review section, e.g. by genre or by artist, but instead by album title! Why I did it that way is just one of those mysteries that, at the time, made sense to beleaguered me.

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