Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Issue 8 of Wind and Wire is now available for viewing online

Click here to read issue 8 of the magazine Wind and Wire which was published in September.October of 1998.

This issue was both a highwater mark for the number of reviews published (57 music and 2 book reviews) as well as featuring a sorely needed facelift of the review section itself which finally divided the reviews into genre classification. I had to basically eliminate CD covers in order to accommodate more reviews and it kinda shows since the lackluster visual appeal stands out. But on the other hand, my readers told me they were much more interested in content.

The lowlight of this issue (and actually of the entire run of 12 issues) was a single page article that I wrote. By now, I had acquired a reputation for being an egomaniac among some folks in the business via how I ran the magazine and my discourse on discussion boards/forums in the 'net. I decided to poke fun at myself while also making the magazine more personal. I wrote my one page bio in order to satirize the notion that I thought I was all that (the title was "The Man Who Would Be King"), but I also intended to put all my staff members, one-by-one, under the microscope in an issue to help our readers (who by now were almost literally worldwide) connect on a personal level with us. After all, there was life after music, right? Sadly, this idea bombed to such an extant that one of my writers blew his top and quit post haste when he saw the issue. Nobody on the staff was keen on the idea (yeah, I should've run it by them, in hindsight) so I abandoned the "folksy" approach and wrote next issue's editorial about it. I wouldn't write anything personal until the second to last issue editorial, which coincidentally (or maybe paradoxically) was much more personal and yet elicited the most positive response of anything ever run in the magazine (you'll just have to wait for that one).

Enjoy the issue and leave any comments you wish to make, PLEASE!

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