Friday, January 30, 2015

Issue 2 of Wind and Wire now available

Issue number 2 of Wind and Wire, the magazine, is now available for viewing at this link.

About the issue: First off, you will see that I took the complaints I received of too many fonts very seriously and went with a straight Times Roman font for nearly everything. I published my first letters in this issue (yes, they were real letters). I also wrote my first "controversial" editorial (the first of a few). This issue's review section started to show how diverse the musical coverage was in the magazine, with everything from the dark ambient of Tuu, Robert Rich and Alio Die to the jazz of Val Gardena to the piano stylings of William Watson and the contemporary acoustic music of Tingstad and Rumbel, plus EM from Greg Klamt and more. Be sure to read the interviews, too, of course. I hope you enjoy it! Again, please leave some comments if you are so moved.


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