Thursday, January 29, 2015


Finally, and long overdue I might add, I have started converting issues of Wind and Wire, the magazine I started, edited, and published, featuring the best reviewers in the new age and ambient business (in my humble opinion), to free PDF downloads (well, they are actually on my Google drive so technically you are not downloading anything, as a result you can have no worries as far as viruses go). Now you can either see what started it all or revisit "the good old days." The premier issue, featured interviews with Kevin Kendle, Jeff Pearce, and Jon Jenkins and Howard Givens (of the Spotted Peccary label), as well as our first batch of reviews from Hannah Shapero, David Hassell, Chad Gould, Judy Markworth, Neil Leacy, myself, plus a Suzanne Ciani concert review by Kathy Parsons.

Take a trip down nostalgia lane and view the first issue of Wind and Wire from 1997 by clicking here.

More issues will be coming as I convert them to PDFs. The entire 12 issue run will be available as soon as I can get this done...all free of charge (duh!). Issue 2 will have interviews with Tim Story, Chuck Wild (Liquid Mind), Meg Bowles, and Rob Eberhard Young.

As each issue is uploaded for viewing, you may find it interesting - and amusing - to see how "rough" the first two or three issues were (I think I used 10 different fonts in issue 1) and by the end, I actually was getting the hang of being a publisher and knowing the art of layout. I will share anecdotes when I post each issue. For issue one, I'll let you know that the name of Wind and Wire was not my first choice. My first choice was SoundWaves, but when I did a copyright search, it was already taken. How I came up with Wind and Wire is something that I have no memory of whatsoever. Divine providence, I guess. I hope you enjoy this look back at Wind and Wire's roots.

Oh, and PLEASE leave me some comments even if you think this is a dumb idea.

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