Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just arrived...

Here's what showed up in my mail box this week so far:

 Pianist Kevin Kern's holiday CD, Christmas (solo piano renditions of standards that I'll bet makes for great "in front of the fire" music this winter). Look for this review in my annual holiday music column at Zone Music Reporter.
An album titled Kailasa from the artist who goes by Mingo...I'll have to go to the artist's website to get the gist of this since I have no idea what it sounds like. Mingo is a musical persona pseudonym for Christopher Wilson. I see my pal John over at Hypnagogue has reviewed previous works, so this will certainly merit a spin or two.

From the new age music duo Mirabai Ceiba, their new one on Spirit Voyage titled between the shores of our souls (produced by Jamshied Sharifi, so it's bound to be highly listenable). I have reviewed previous releases from them in Retailing Insight (formerly New Age Retailer), so look for it there for sure.

Frank Macchia is the bandleader of Swamp Thang, a buncha cool cats who can swing with the best of them. Their second release is Fried Zombie Stew (just in time for Halloween). If it's anything like their self-titled debut, it's gonna be a mishmash of funk, blues, jazz, swing, and basically every kind of music that begs to be played loud.

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