Thursday, March 12, 2015

Issue 9 of Wind and Wire available for viewing

Click here to read Issue 9 of Wind and Wire, the magazine, originally published in November/December of 1998.

NOTABLE IN THIS ISSUE: Phil Derby joined our reviewing stable and made an immediate impact with his well-written and knowledgeable critiques of EM and ambient music. The value of his contributions in the latter stages of the magazine cannot be overstated and I was pleased when, after Wind and Wire ceased publication the next year, Phil started his own own periodical, Electroambient Space (which eventually went online after being a hard copy zine for awhile and existed until August of Phil's insightful reviews here).

Also, Kathy Parsons (her website, Mainly Piano) conducted a fascinating interview with New Age music pioneer Ray Lynch. I believe it was one of the last ones he gave before he more or less disappeared from the active music scene (his last release, Nothing Above My Shoulders But The Evening, was released in 1993).

This issue saw the review section become even more professional looking with more album covers and the move to a more compact font and layout.

I hope you enjoy the issue. Leave comments if so moved - always appreciated.

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