Monday, September 1, 2008

An update on all those unwritten reviews since March

My writer's block (see earlier post on this blog) really clamped down on me after my last posted review and it's only barely lifting as summer ends, but I'm now going to force myself to write, regardless. The writing itself hasn't really gotten any easier so, as a result, expect my reviews to be considerably shorter than my usual length. My ambient and electronic music review backlog is around 50 CDs and everyone has been so patient that it's time for me to get something written about all these fine recordings, even if it's just a few hundred words, or even less. I can't believe I have albums that I placed on my best of 2007 list that I still haven't reviewed!

If you are an artist and are awaiting a review, please accept my sincere and abject apology as well as my appreciative thanks for waiting and not nagging me. If you're a fan of my reviews, provided I have any of those even left ;-) , look for new material in the coming week.

I will try to post a list later today of all the pending reviews so you (i.e. if you are artist and have submitted music to me) know if a review is still on the way.


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